What Should I Do?

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A Journal of Joy: Things that make my heart smile…

Everyone’s life is full of turmoil and trials. We all have times when we feel like we don’t know what to do. What should we do when life gets overwhelming, hard decisions need to be made, or the enemy is attacking?

One thing I try to do is stay focused. I need to be looking to God. Only He has the power to save me (Isaiah 45:22). I fix my eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2). I lose power, hope, and purpose when I don’t focus on the right things.

A wonderful biblical example of this is found in 2 Chronicles 20.

Jehoshaphat’s kingdom of Judah was being threatened by the armies of many nations like Ammon and Moab who joined together to annihilate Judah. These huge armies were strong and surrounded Judah. There seemed to be no chance of survival. So people from every town came together to seek help from the Lord. The men, their wives, and children stood in the courtyard of the temple and Jehoshaphat prayed a heartfelt prayer extolling God’s greatness and acknowledging Judah’s lack of power to withstand the inevitable attack. It ended with, “For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You” (2 Chronicles 20:12).

God told the people not to be afraid or discouraged. He told them to face the enemy and stand firm. They would not have to fight this battle because it was the Lord’s. The people fell down in worship to God.

Early the next morning, Jehoshaphat encouraged the people to have faith in the Lord. As they headed off to battle, he appointed men to lead the way by singing and praising God. “Give thanks to the Lord. His love endures forever” 2 Chronicles 20:21. As they sang, a miraculous thing happened. These armies began to attack one another instead of Judah. By the time Judah got to the battleground, they saw only the dead bodies of their enemies.

Now the path I need to follow doesn’t always become immediately crystal clear, nor does deliverance come quickly. Sometimes waiting is part of the process. That’s all the more reason I need to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus. I need to be continually praising Him for His greatness, for what He’s done in my past, and what He will do in my future. I need to let Him know I’m looking to Him because I have no power and very little strength. I’m relying on His strength.

It comforts me to know that I am never alone or forsaken (Hebrews 13:5-6). The world around me might feel like it is crumbling at times but the Creator of the universe holds me in His loving hands.


Dear Lord, You know my life is filled with problems I am not equipped to handle. Without You to lean on and look to, I have no hope. My hope is in You alone. Let Your loving hands hold me close and keep me safe. Help me see clearly the paths You want me take. When I must wait for answers, fill my heart with peace, patience, and praise.  

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