Choose to Look for God to See the Miracle

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Choices change our lives…

By Barbara Dahlgren

In the book Thrilled to Death, clinical psychologist Dr. Archibald Hart describes our pleasure-seeking society as one that overloads the brain circuits, driving us to seek more intense and sensational experiences. We become addicted to extreme forms of stimulation and bored with the ordinary. I think he’s right.

In today’s technologically driven age, we are constantly exposed to ever increasing mind-boggling activities. We are plugged in, turned on, or hooked up all day long. We are all a bit addicted to this lifestyle.

How does this affect the Christian community or those searching for Christ? Well, no longer are they satisfied with the ordinary. They must have dramatic faith healings and spectacular miracles or in their minds God does not exist or at least isn’t doing a good job. Unfortunately, they have the cart before the horse. People want to experience a miracle to believe in God when actually they need to believe first.

Contrary to popular opinion, miracles do not always increase belief. The Israelites proved that. God performed miracle after miracle for them, including parting the Red Sea, and they still didn’t believe He could take care of them in the Promised Land.

Sometimes God does provide a visual when He knows it will actually boost our faith. Such was the case with Thomas who said he wouldn’t believe Christ had risen from the dead unless he saw Him, but Jesus was quick to tell him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed (John 20:24-19).”

The need for Christ to authenticate His message through miracles has long passed. His message speaks for itself. Sadly, some professing Christians are still seeking signs and wonders long after their conversion. This is not so much that they doubt Christ’s existence as they are looking for a “thrill” that comes from a miracle. It gives a “high,” a byproduct from an overstimulated society. But when we are always looking for the next BIG thing in our lives to feel God’s presence, we forget that He is with us all the time. We miss the daily walk.

Do we see God in our day-to-day grind? Do we see Him when the 6 o’clock alarm rings and we drag ourselves out of bed? Do we see Him as we are driving to work in the same old car to the same old job and coming home to the same old family? Do we see Him when we are cooking supper, doing the dishes, helping the kids with homework, and falling into bed dog-tired? Can we cheerfully get up and do it all again the next day and stay totally centered on God?

Consider this… Healthy Christians are able to go through life without God having to supernaturally zap them with an addictive spiritual methamphetamine to get them through the day. As we grow in God’s grace, we realize the miracle of God revealing Himself to us all the time. It might be in the laughter of a child, the smile of a coworker, clouds in the sky, sunlight on a window pane, or the guy who lets us merge in traffic.

If we are truly looking for a miracle, we need look no further than where we are. For where we are, God will be. He’ll never leave us or forsake us no matter what. He can be our peace and calm in an overstimulated world. If we don’t see that as a miracle, there is no need to look anywhere else, because we’ll never find it.

One final thought… When you wake up in the morning make yourself say, “Good morning God” instead of “Good God! It’s morning!” You might just have a better day!





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