Choose to Use God’s GPS

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Choices change our lives…

By Barbara Dahlgren

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and has become synonymous with any handheld computerized gizmo that helps us find our way in unfamiliar territory. These devices are great, especially for someone like me who has no sense of direction. And although these satellite connected devices have greatly improved through the years, they are still not infallible. Some people have found themselves in random suburban cul-de-sacs, abandoned parking lots, or in the middle of nowhere when trying to follow detailed instructions.

I remember once when my husband and I were traveling through Alabama, we needed to get to a certain road. The GPS kept saying, “Make a U-turn.” My husband kept saying, “That can’t be right.” He has a wonderful sense of direction, so he just turned it off. An hour or so later we were lost. It was then we discovered the GPS was smarter than we thought. We turned it back on, made a U-turn, and finally got to our destination.

Even though there are some mishaps, GPS devices are very reliable mechanisms. When taking a trip, a good GPS lets us know where we are and helps us get to our desired destination without getting lost. A good GPS will tell us, “Turn right. Turn left. Make a U-turn.” And though it may not appear we know where we are going, a good GPS will get us there.

We as Christians are on a journey as well. We need a good GPS with lots of power. We need a GPS that will never leave us stranded in the middle of nowhere. We need a GPS that will never get us lost. We need a GPS that will never take us to the wrong destination. We need God’s Positioning System – a GPS we can always count on!

God’s GPS gives us the Bible to keep us on the right road. God’s GPS lets the Holy Spirit nudge us in the right direction. God’s GPS allows us to have direct contact with its Creator 24/7. That means we are never disconnected from the server. And God’s GPS is infallible. As long as we walk with God, talk with God, and stay in a relationship with Him, we are assured of arriving at our final destination.

There’s an old story about a father who took his young son on a walk in the woods. As they walked hand in hand, he asked the boy, “Do you know where you are? Are you lost?”

The boy looked up at him and said, “How can I be lost? I am with you.”

Consider this… God is the one who takes our right hand and leads us. (Isaiah 41:13) With our hand in His, how can we get lost?

As long as we stay close to God our Father, we will never be lost. God says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.” (Psalm 32:8) Now that’s a GPS we can always count on!

One final thought… Trust God’s GPS. When we turn off our connection to Him, we can lose our way and get hopelessly lost.

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