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A Year of Choices…

By Barbara Dahlgren from Barbara’s Banter at


Be Kind to One AnotherWe live in a rude, self-centered world.  Many are too busy to show common courtesies.  Actually, courtesy is not quite as “common” as it used to be.  The world can even be cruel – filled with bullies, revenge seekers and just plain hateful people.  How does one influence a hate filled world?

Here’s the answer:  with one small act of kindness at a time.  God tells us to overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:20-21)  God has been kind to us and we should be kind to others. (Ephesians 4:32)  In fact God’s kindness should flow from us to others.

Kindness means doing good things for others.   It’s the act of being useful, helpful, considerate, and gracious in all situations.  Kindness means we actually care about others – their feelings, their circumstances, their struggles, their suffering, etc.

Studies show that kind acts stimulate the vagus nerve which literally warms up the heart and releases dopamine into our system.  Dopamine is the hormone associated with positive emotions.  Kindness reduces anxiety and depression.  It alleviates stressful situations.

When we treat others with kindness it has a great impact on everyone concerned – the one receiving the act of kindness, those seeing the act of kindness, and the one doing the act of kindness.  It’s a win/win/win scenario.   Eloquent words don’t influence people as much as kindness does.  One small gesture of kindness can change a person’s life.  Maybe that’s why the Bible tells us not to discount the small things in life.  (Zechariah 4:10)

Here’s how it works:  we do the small act of kindness and God uses it to change lives.  We may not even know how God will use our act of kindness to influence or impact others.  We don’t need to know.  Our job is to be kind; God will do the rest. A young boy shared his meager lunch with Jesus.  He did not know Jesus would use it to feed a multitude, but He did. (John 6:10-11)

Consider this… Acts of kindness are proactive.  Many times we think kindness is merely going through life being nice and not trying to harm anyone.  Real kindness is on a hot pursuit looking for those to bless.

I am only one

Kindness takes commitment. It’s a choice we make.  The more we practice it, the easier it becomes.

Suggestions for practicing this choice…

  • It’s easy to be kind when we are in a good mood, but it takes a little more effort when we are angry or frustrated.  When those negative emotions are present make a point to be extra nice to others… and to yourself.
  • Instead of criticizing others try encouraging them.
  • When you think of doing an act of kindness for someone then do it ASAP.  Don’t put it off.  The opportunity may vanish.
  • Read this poem often:

No Regrets

I have wept in the night

For the shortness of sight,

That to somebody’s need made me blind,

But I never have yet

Felt a twinge of regret,

For being a little too kind.

  • Pick one of the following and make a point to do it all day long.  The next day, pick another one and do it all day long.  The next day pick another one.  Get the idea????  You can even add to this list some ideas you may have.

Smile at others

Say, “Please” and “Thank you!”

Arrive on time or even a little early.

Let someone go ahead of you in line.

Hold the door open for someone.

Give a compliment.

Be patient.

Don’t have road rage.

Be interested in others.  Listen to what they say.

Say something nice about someone to others.

Tell someone you appreciate him/her and why.

Be cheerful when you answer the phone.

Kindness Quote - Mark Twain


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